How is the pokemon yellow gba different from other Pokémon editions?

Are you a Pokémon fan? Almost all of us, even those who are not even a fan, would say that they have already heard the word Pokémon throughout their life. The Pokémon Company was able to successfully make its name at the top of the gaming industry. The Pokémon Company was said to be a consortium between three powerful and biggest companies in Japan, the Nintendo, the Game Freak, and the Creatures.

The game revolves around a boy who was tasked to catch Pokémon, or pocket monsters, in the wild. Basically, it is an adventure game wherein the player has to roam around in order to catch more Pokémon. Here, the players will be able to battle with the NPC, Gym masters, and Other players in order to proceed the game. In addition to this, for you to be able to get stronger monsters, you have to roam around. There are some monsters that are particularly located in some areas only, while there are some that are not. The goal of the game is for you to catch all of the monsters in the game, including the legendary ones, as well as, beating the best player in the game.

The game has an anime adaptation, and likewise, with the game, the anime was able to prosper to never-ending seasons and episodes. But what makes pokemon yellow gba different from other editions? The main reason lies on the fact that the pokemon yellow gba is a special Pokémon edition.

The Pokémon Yellow was released around 1998. However, only some console can be able to run it – including the Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Color, and other Game Boy Console. However, with the use of the Internet technology, it is now possible to play this game through the use of the emulator. Now, you just have to download them online to play them.