All you know about Bad link checker and Back links

Today technology is increasing day by day but with it various harmful or damaging things also arises like in the case of websites there are bad links from which we have to protect our site. Because bad links cause damage to our sites and your business may come to an end.

Many of the people who are new to this field don’t even know about bad links. To that people it may cause damage and SEO metrics is destroyed. If your site is having bad links then google can also put a plenty on you.

You can also identify manually but it is time consuming. So, we can buy a bad link checker which a tool which automatically checks the bad links and give the result in  a systematic way.

To identify broken links

To identify back links the way is having a bad links checker; it is an SEO platform that has the knowledge about bad links and traffic which are coming on our sites. It also keeps on increasing our ranking on the SEO platform and also gives a good impact.

The main symbol of bad links is we start losing our visitors and suffer damages in our sites. This is a symbol of heavy bad links. The new sites are mostly unindexed which means it is not indexed by the google which shows the poor quality of your site.

When a bad link checker starts working it removes the bad links and also give a warning when a dead link tries to attack your site. After that it is your choice to make the link disavow. Bad link checker will give you the detailed knowledge about the sites which link to your website.

So, this is all you should know about bad links checker and bad links.